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Listen and Repeat Activities

Listen and repeat exercise are great fun and give the pupils the chance to receive a feel for the language: the sounds, the stress and rhythm and the intonation.
  •   Songs
Song are also type of listen and repeat and there's lots of books on the market with songs for kids.
six. Exercise
The most obvious listen and repeat exercise are the ones where the teacher or of the pupils says something and the others repeat what has been said.
six. Rhymes
All kids love rhymes and like to repeat them repeatedly.
  •   Listening to tales
Plenty of teachers have their more youthful pupils sitting in the floor. Its important that kids are comfortable. In the event that they relax and comfortable, then they are more open to what they are about to listen to, and they will benefit far more from the story telling.

They have made a difference between telling tales and reading tales. In the event you tell story, then you dont have a book in front of you. Telling tales to kids of all levels means you can modify the language to their level, you can return and repeat, you can put in all sorts of gesture and facial expressions, and you can keep eye contact most of the time.

In lieu of telling a narrative, you can read aloud from a book. Kids like to have their favourite tales repeated, and they will very often be able to tell you a narrative word for word. Another thrilling type of story telling which you can do from a very early stage is to generate tales with the kids, so that you tell tales.

Dont forget that sometimes they require pupils to listen for the sake of listening  music and poetry or a short anecdote or story. Try to introduce as plenty of different voices in to the classroom as you can, and keep in mind that pupils require to listen to plenty of varieties of language. The more they listen to, the better they are going to be able to speak and write.

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