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Teach Writing

Straight copying
Copying is a moderately obvious beginning point for writing. It is an activity which gives the teacher the chance to reinforce language that has been introduced orally or through reading. It is a nice suggestion to ask pupils to read aloud quietly to themselves when they are copying the words because this helps them to see the connection between the written & the spoken word. The sound symbol combination is complicated in English. For kids who find even straight copying difficult, you can start them off by tracing words. Although they may not understand what they are writing, they will still finish up with a piece of written work, & this in itself will give valuable encouragement & satisfaction.

You can straight copying by asking pupils to match pics & texts, or to pick which sentence they require to write about the text. For example, pupils might pick from the possibilities about this statement:
Write sentence:
They likes cooking.
They is a nice cook.
They is making a pleasant meal with eggs & onions.

Delayed copying
You can do delayed copying, which is fun to do in class, for training short term visual memory. Write a short, familiar sentence on the board, give the pupils a few seconds to look at it & then rub it out & see if the pupils can write it down. note that this type of activity ought to not be used as a check.

Organising & copying.
Copying may even be a nice interaction to structured writing.

  •  Concentrate first on content
  •   Spend plenty of time on pre-writing work
  •  Encourage, but dont insist on, re-writing.
  •    Display the material whenever feasible
  •    Keep all the pupils writings.
  •   Set an exercise as home work without any preparation.
  •  Correct all the mistakes you can find.
  •   Set work which is beyond the pupils language capability.

Copying book
It is useful for pupils to have a copying book where they can copy new vocabulary, a tiny dialogue, something you require them to keep in mind or whatever. Most pupils will keep to what you ask them to copy, but they ought to be free to copy things from the textbook, the notice board & from other pupils. Some pupils will copy whole tales. Summary of dos & donts on free writing.

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