Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

De Da Vinci Code Review

The Davinci Code is a fiction book. It is a controversional book also sensational book. It called controversional book because this novel contains about Christian religious, exactly this book attracted the faith of Christian because of that, there's lots of leaders of church & pastor who opposed this book. Beside that, this book called sensational because since it published on March 2003, this book can be sold about twenty million copies. It is so sensational although there's so plenty of statements difficult to be understood. But it an art of writing a novel. It can be beautify the story. The writing of this book is excellent. The writer, Dan Brown, can hide the ridlles the story perfectly. So, no body can guess the plot or ending the story. & when I do know the ending of the story makes me so surprised, because the story is not like what I was one time thinking.

The objective of the writer wrote that book is to show complicated the history of the descent of a church. According to the writer, this book based on a fact. The story of this book exist on a legend at 11th century. The contain of the legend is about Maria Magdalena who came to Prancis & landed in Marsailess. He comes honored Jewish ladies from Galilea, Israel. Until this time, It still admitted that the descent of Maria Magdalena lived in Prancis generate plenty of giant name as Leonardo Da Vinci, Isac Newton & Hugo.

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