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Speaking for Children

  • Limitations
In their own language kids can express emotions, communicate intentions & reactions, explore the language & make fun of it, so they expect be able to do the same in English.
  • They dont know what they require to say
In the event you require your pupils to continue thinking about English basically as a way of communication, then you cannot expect to be able to foretell what language the kids will use. Their choice is boundless, & they cannot select what they will say or require to say.
  • Finding the balance
Most of our pupils have tiny opportunity to practice speaking English outside the classroom & so require plenty of practice when they are in class.
  • Correction
If pupils are doing issue or mistake when doing exercise, then correction of language mistakes ought to not be done while the activity is going on. The teacher can note what they or they think ought to be corrected & take it up in class later. Of work, if pupils ask you what is correct or what the English word for  is while they are speaking, then you ought to give them answer.
  • Presenting new language orally
When kids start learning English, they obviously require to be given language before they can produce it themselves. Language has to go in before it can come out. Here are a quantity of the ways you can present new language orally:
  • Through the pupils
The teacher knows what his or her pupils can do, so they or they says: Listen to me . Maria can swim. The sentence ought to be true & accompanied by the appropriate actions & sounds.
  • Using a mascot
 of the most successful ways of presenting language to young kids is through puppets or a class mascot. Having someone familiar constantly on hand with whom you can have conversations about anything & everything is a brilliant way of introduction new subjects & new language to young kids. SPONGEBOB doll.
  • Drawings
You can use simple line drawings on the board.
  • Silhouettes
You can use silhouettes on the overhead projector; they can be given movement in the event you attach a piece of wire to them.
  • Puppets
Puppets dont require to be more then masks & these dont must be complicated.

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