Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

De Da Vinci Code Review 2

The story began with the killed of Jachues Sauniere, a curator in Lovre Museum, Paris. On the body of the victim & surrounding of him there's lots of scratchs that very fascinating. & than appears a symbolism religion professional from Harvard University, Professor Robert Langdon & the professional of reading codes or Cryptographer.

They got the information that the victim a inherited a coat from Leonardo. The code is being a signthat the victimwas the leader of secret community named Sion Monk. This group worked to keep the Holy Grail. From the fact, Sophie & Langdon faced lots of proof needed to be explained. They met with a rich historian named Sir Leigh Teabing. Teabing could uncover the hidden signs of the holy book text with lots of architectures, documents, mitology, history of the church, etc. & they flight to Langdon. But they were followed by Silas from Congregation of Opus Dei. Opus Dei built a Pastor from Italian, Josemaria Escriva on 1928. In London they are hunted by Paris Policeman as a killer of Sauniere.

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