Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Review Eclipse 3

When Bella know if Edward will be a troop for destroyed new vampire, Bella afraid to loss Edward because they has known clearly, they cant life without Edward inside of him. Because of that, Bella asks Edward to choose choices, that is invite him to help Cullens relatives on war or Edward dont follow the war. Edward chooses to do follow to fight because They doesnt require to loss Bella , his true love.

They decided to escape & make a strategy for destroy all new vampire & Victoria. Bella & Edward around the field on the mountain to spread out Bellas smell all over the place. So, all new vampire loss control for Bellas smell.

The new vampires basically killed by Cullens relatives. Unpredictable, Victoria goes to break through the forest to look for Edward & Bella. They brings a brand spanking new vampire who has named Riley. Victoria finds out Edward & then they are beginning to fight. The war is occur without seeing by Bella because the vampires fighting quickly. Riley success to be destroyed by Seth (a werewolf who has helping Cullens relatives to destroy all new vampires) with cut Rileys body & burn up him. Victoria has died by Edward.
 Volturis Relatives (The noble relatives of Italia which is controller of the act & law of Vampire) comes to destroy the new vampires who have completed collision. That is risky for existence of vampire. Human being may not to know whose are truly. Before this, Volturis relatives ever saw Bella in Italia, when Edward trying to suicide because They feels that they has loss Bella forever.

Volturis relatives surprise because Cullens relatives can destroy new vampires basically without loosing or more the member. They also get surprise that Bella will be a part from Cullens relatives because the date of wedding ceremony has determined.

Bella always keep in mind that Jacob still waiting for his love. But they has to make a choice. They knows without Edward in beside him, they cant life because his true love forever only Edward Cullen. So, they decides to meet Jacob & speak about all issues. & Jacob aware that They as the third people in a true love story between Edward Cullen & Isabella Swan.

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